FT - Director, Nursing Program

STANLY COMMUNITY COLLEGE   Albemarle, NC   Full-time     Education
Posted on June 6, 2024
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FT - Director, Nursing Program


Provide academic leadership and supervision of nursing personnel; schedule courses, select and order supplies and equipment, assist in recruitment and retention of faculty and students, evaluate program, and curriculum development. Teach classroom sessions, conduct subject research, advise, and evaluate student progress, develop instructional plans, review, and request new materials. Maintain records and prepare a variety of reports.


Clinical affiliates and/or off-site facilities may require faculty participating in clinical/off site activities to complete a criminal background check, drug screening, and provide proof of current immunization status, health status, and CPR certification. Faculty are required to present verification of current up to date immunizations, as required by the facility, and current CPR status, as required by the facility, to their supervisor annually.


Master’s Degree in Nursing
Current unrestricted North Carolina License to function as a Registered Nurse.
Attain/maintain requirements per the NCBON, which reads: 
 (a) The program shall ensure that a full-time registered nurse, qualified pursuant to Paragraph (d) of this Rule, has the authority to direct the nursing program. Full-time registered nurse is a registered nurse employed by the institution who is regularly assigned to work at least 40 hours each week in the position of program director.
 (b) The program shall ensure that the program director has the authority and responsibility for maintaining compliance with the Rules in this Chapter and other legal requirements in all areas of the program.
 (c) The program shall ensure that the program director has non-teaching time sufficient to allow for program organization, administration, continuous review, planning, and development.
 (d) The program director shall:
      (1) hold an active unencumbered license or multistate licensure privilege to practice as a registered
 nurse in North Carolina;
      (2) have two years of full-time experience as a faculty member in a Board-approved program;
      (3) have experience in clinical nursing as a faculty member in a program, and academic or nursing
 leadership experience to lead the program to accomplish the mission, goals, and expected program outcomes;
      (4) hold a graduate degree in nursing from an accredited institution;
      (5) prior to or within the first three years of employment, have education in teaching and learning
 principles for adult education, including curriculum development, implementation, and   evaluation, appropriate to the program director role. Once completed, this education need not be repeated if employing organization is changed. Proof of this education is one of the following:
           (A) completion of 45 contact hours of Board-approved continuing education courses pursuant
 to Rule .0223 of this Chapter. A list of Board-approved continuing education courses is posted at www.ncbon.com;
           (B) completion of a certificate program in nursing education;
           (C) nine semester hours of graduate course work in adult learning and learning principles;
           (D) national certification in nursing education;
           (E) documentation of completion of structured, individualized development activities of at
 least 45 contact hours approved by the Board. Criteria for approval shall include content in the faculty role in curriculum implementation, curricular objectives to be met and evaluated, review of strategies for identified student population, and expectations of student and faculty performance; or
           (F) A letter from the controlling institution attesting that the program director has been
 approved by the controlling institution following the submission of a portfolio. Individuals with prior teaching experience in an academic setting seeking the program director position shall submit to the controlling institution for approval a portfolio detailing the individual's formal education in teaching and learning principles for adult education, which includes curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation, appropriate to the program director role. A copy of this submission shall be provided to
 the Board upon request.


Simulation Experience
Teach program material via seated and online classes as required by the schedule.
Learn new material to keep up with changing technology.
Facilitate regular and substantive interaction via proactive communication with students.
Participate in recruiting for new students.
Ensure classrooms, labs, and lab equipment are in good repair and maintain a safe environment for students and employees.
Serve as a mentor to students in your area of expertise.
Represent the program within the College and community as the primary point of contact with enthusiasm.
Provide supervision to other faculty teaching within the program.
Coordinate advisory boards, program updates, offerings, and scheduling of courses.
Contact out-of-state students via email or postal mail with information related to program compliance with licensure requirements in their state of residence as required by the U.S. Department of Education.

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