Success Coach, TRIO Educational Talent Search

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Posted on November 24, 2021
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Success Coach, TRIO Educational Talent Search

SALARY: $2,769.83 - $3,231.50 Monthly
OPENING DATE: 11/23/21
CLOSING DATE: 12/14/21 11:59 PM

The Success Coach implements the TRIO Educational Talent Search (ETS) project by working with public school administrators and counselors to identify, select, and enroll eligible participants. The Success Coach also provides allowable services to eligible participants, makes appropriate referrals for participants, and assists the Director, TRIO and ETS staff in the performance of all responsibilities and functions.


Essential and other responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Essential Functions:
- Develop a collaborative effort with target school personnel to recruit, identify and engage potential TRIO/ETS participants.
- Screen possible participants for compliance with eligibility criteria. Select and enroll eligible students as ETS participants.
- Create, maintain, and keep confidential student eligibility documentation and participant program records (portfolios that reflect and document needs, eligibility, enrollment, assessments, action plans, services provided, referrals made, follow-up, and achievement).
- Publicize, promote, and conduct workshops and other allowable activities at assigned target schools.
- Conduct and participate in ETS community project information sessions.
- Refer participants to appropriate programs, organizations, and agencies to meet their identified needs. Provide referrals and follow-up for ineligible participants.
- Support TRIO/ETS students with enrollment in secondary and post-secondary studies.
- Provide participants with college admissions and financial aid information, assist with admissions and financial aid applications.
- Foster partnerships within the community to support the ETS project. Represent TRIO programs, as appropriate, in the community.
- Attend all staff meetings and TRIO Advisory Committee meetings.
- Assist in the development of ETS handbook, brochures, and newsletters to publicize the project, participant achievements and milestones.
- Provide direct services that involve participants and parents; including ETS and career opportunities, college planning, financial aid planning and availability, and other allowable activities consistent with the project.

Marginal Functions:
- Attend school staff meetings and school events to promote TRIO/ETS, as schedule allows.
- Support the mission, vision and goals of the division and college.
- Serve on college committees and support college functions.
- Perform other duties as assigned.
This position description covers the most essential functions and duties associated with this position. The President or appropriate supervisory personnel may assign additional duties. The College reserves the right to alter duties, responsibilities, conditions, working hours, and job title with or without notice.


Knowledge of:
College and university admission standards.
Basic principles and techniques of counseling first generation students.
General education requirements for high school graduation.
Purpose and function of community colleges and four-year colleges and universities.
College courses and financial aid application procedures.
Career development theories, occupational and educational information sources, and career development program planning.
Principles and procedures of educational and career advising.
Group dynamics and leadership styles.
Business letter writing and basic report preparation.
Principles and procedures of record keeping.
Modern office procedures, methods, and computer equipment.
English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Knowledge of student development as it relates to middle and high school students.

Ability to:
Advise students regarding coursework needs to meet high school and academic program requirements.
Establish a rapport with students and create an atmosphere conducive to learning, advising, collaborating, and counseling.
Interpret and apply the policies and procedures of the school system and college.
Refer students to appropriate staff for additional counseling, program advising, testing, and related matters.
Provide personal advising in a wide variety of areas and refer students to other resources as needed.
Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Maintain and update computer records, files, and other documents.
Compile information and prepare computer-generated reports.

Environmental Conditions:
The employee should have the ability to effectively handle a work environment and conditions which involve an office workspace, working closely with others, and periodically working irregular hours.

The employee must maintain the office by maintaining equipment and supplies, ensuring overall cleanliness, functionality, and conformance to OSHA standards to provide a safe work environment.

Physical Conditions:
Physical and marginal functions require the ability to maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities, which may include the following; standing, walking or sitting for extended periods, moderate lifting and carrying, reaching above shoulder, general manual dexterity, operating assigned equipment, and extended exposure to computer screens.

The employee is required to maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for making observations, reading and writing, operating assigned equipment, communicating with others, and handling varied tasks simultaneously.

Additionally, the employee must maintain mental capacity, which permits making sound decisions and using good judgment, demonstrating intellectual capabilities, and evaluating the effectiveness of programs and personnel.

Scheduling Conditions:
This is a full-time, 12-month position working 40 hours per week, generally Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Availability for both day and occasional evening work or weekend work on any Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute site (or arranged off-campus site) is required during peak periods.

Traveling Conditions:
Local travel between the Caldwell campus and Caldwell County Schools (required) or any off-campus site (as needed) and requires using a personal vehicle for transportation to and from public schools. Out-of-state travel is limited but may be required for training and conferences.


Two years of full-time professional experience in counseling, student development, or teaching at the secondary or post-secondary level.
Experience working with middle or high school students preferred.
Applicants with backgrounds similar to TRIO participants are preferred.

Bachelor's degree required. A concentration in education, counseling, student development, social work, or a related academic discipline is preferred.